Directions for Maze

The object of the game is to move from the entrance to the exit. The exit is located on the outer edge of the maze, as far from the entrance as possible.

Use the following keys to move:
UP ARROW, 8, kmove forward
LEFT ARROW, 4, hturn left
RIGHT ARROW, 6, lturn right
DOWN ARROW, 2, jmove backward
m, TABtoggle automap (TAB doesn't work on some browsers)
ESCAPEstart over
+enlarge automap
-shrink automap
sshow solution on automap
zshow entire maze on automap
Control-ssolve maze (hit ESCAPE to stop)

I don't recommend that you hold the keys down--if you want to move forward 3 times, press the up arrow three times. Don't hold the key down, or key repeat will kick in and cause you to move farther forward than you'd like.

Note for people running Sun Netscape: The arrow keys may not work. Use another set of movement keys.

The skill levels determine the size of the maze, and the number of rooms. Level 0 is an extremely simple 4x4 maze. Level 1 is a reasonably easy 12x12 maze with 2 rooms, and level F is a 300x240 maze with 160 rooms. If these skill levels are too easy, let me know.

No, I will not zip up all the files and send them to you. I don't have time. Besides, you can fetch them off this web server yourself.